Extreme Job Hunting – How far do you have to go to get that placement?

I’m beginning to think that job hunting should be classified as an extreme sport, because the lengths that some individuals go to find a job is… well, extreme. It is increasingly becoming a case of survival of the fittest if you’re a recent graduate trying to make your job application stand out from the rest.

Apparently it’s quite normal to make a few bits up on your CV if it will help you get your dream job. I don’t think I’ll risk it. I have a mental image of myself in an interview going brick red and look very shifty whilst stubbornly defending my written claim that I’d climbed Everest in my summer holidays when I was 11.

A search into Google comes up with hundreds of radical stories of how people have applied for jobs. I recommend doing this if you have some spare time and are at a loose end- you will be entertained for hours and will feel decidedly normal by the end. Some of these ideas show good intuition, some of them are just a bit nuts.

I particularly liked the story of Irish graduate Félim Mac An Iomaire who invested his life savings in a giant billboard he had created and posted on a busy road in Dublin. Calling himself the “Jobless Paddy,” it implored potential employers to hire him so that he wouldn’t have to emigrate to find work. This was after 200 job applications, which had resulted in just two interviews and nil jobs. Luckily for this particular Irishman, social media went mad on his idea and he’s now in his dream job working as a communications executive for Paddy Power.

A university graduates extreme attempt at finding a job

But be warned, not every story is a success story. Actress Sean Young famously stormed into a Warner Brothers studio wearing her home crafted Catwoman outfit, in an attempt to get the role in the 1992 “Batman Returns” sequel. Rather than having the desired effect, this left Director Tim Burton rather flummoxed, and he instead gave the role to Michelle Pfeiffer. I imagine Young would have left the studios ashen faced and with her feline tail between her legs. What we can learn from this is that it’s a potentially expensive and potentially very embarrassing risk you’re taking in your extreme quest for a job, with no guarantee of success.

However, it is true that we need to look beyond the usual process of networking and submitting two page résumés online. Luckily for you, here at Present.me, we’ve done half the work for you. Here’s Freddie’s Present.me version of his CV:

He’s just landed a summer internship with KPMG.

So rather than think too outside the box, why don’t you just settle down in front of your computer for a few hours, put together a few slides, and get to know your webcam?

Think of it like this, instead of going extreme, you would be better off making an extreme-ly good presentme. It’s free, it’s easy, and it can get you the same result: a job!



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