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By January 19, 2014Announcements

Need to record a presentation but can’t deal with the stresses of a web-cam?

Don’t have time to tidy your room, slap on some make-up, or fix your hair? Sometimes its simply a little more relaxing to sit down in your PJ’s with some notes in front of you, and bang out a pitch for work, a presentations for school, or a lecture for students without the stress of being recorded on video!

Thankfully, has a fantastic solution – simply record your audio! To see an example, have a ganders at the below!


Step 1: Go on, and sign up for an account! Then, having logged on, click the ‘create’ tab and select the ‘Slides and Audio’ option. Here you can also upload a previously recorded audio file, but lets say that you want to record on! Select the appropriate option, and click the ‘proceed button’!


Step 2: You’ll be taken through to an upload page. Upload your slides, or PDF, and when its done, it will take you through to the conversion screen!



Step 3: Once we’ve converted your slides, click the Record button, and you’re ready to begin!


Step 4: You’ll see your slides on the left, and all you need to do is click the record button, click through your slides and begin talking. Click the pause button if you need to read over your notes, and if you make a mistake, click ‘trim’, use the blue trimming tool to slide back to before the mistake, and tap record to carry on from that point – it’s easy!


Step 5: Click ‘End & Review’ Then fill in the title of the presentation, add a description, watch it back, check its how you want it to look, and then you’re good to go!

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