If your camera and microphone don’t seem to work with Present.me ‘out of the box’, have no fear, we’ve made it incredibly easy for you to fix.

First things first, you need to make sure you don’t have any other applications open that might be trying to control your webcam and microphone. Examples of these are Skype, Windows Messenger, Google Hangouts, PhotoBooth, Windows Movie Maker – anything that might hijack your camera needs to be quit or exited.

Once you’ve turned these off, go back to Present.me and find your file that’s ready to record by going here: http://present.me/upload/record

Watch a short video on what to do next, or follow the instructions below:


Click Record and ‘Allow’ your camera and microphone access. If you still don’t see your camera image in the right hand window and the VU meter moving up and down as you talk, then you probably have the wrong camera selected.

Click on Settings and a pop-up will appear.

You can adjust the audio record level by moving the slider, you can select a different microphone and you can select an alternative camera. Other useful features in the settings panel include the ability to mirror the video so that you get a reflection of yourself which is particularly useful when you want to point to something on the slide. If you tick the Pecha Kucha box, the slides will automatically advance every 20 seconds until you’ve gone past your last slide. You can also select ‘Audio only’ here if you decide that you don’t want to record video after all.

When you can see your face in the right hand panel and can see the VU meter moving up and down as you talk, click ‘Save Changes’ and you’ll be taken back to the recorder.