This option is for when you have already recorded your presentation and want to make sure that it’s not visible to the public. Here’s a video to show you how to do it, or if you’d prefer, there are some step by step instructions below the video.

Now for the instructions:

You’ve reached the page that Congratulates you for finishing your presentme, now you want to edit the privacy options. Below your finished presentme, you will have a box that says ‘Optional Details’. Click on this to open it, and you will get a drop down menu that looks like this:

Bullet point number 7 is the privacy option, and here you can decide between making your presentme public or private. It is worth remembering that you only get one private presentation a month with the free account, you must upgrade to benefit from more private presentations! For a private presentation, you can add a password (bullet point number 8). You can also disable sharing, disable embedding and disable downloading by ticking those options.

Once you click publish, you will see that your presentation is private because it will have a little blue box above the title.

You can always go and change it back to public by clicking ‘Edit Presentation’ and changing bullet point number 7 back to public. You can then tell it’s been made public, as it will lose the little blue box above the title in your ‘My Presentmes’ page.