Editing your presentme is easy. Watch the video below for a quick guide on how it’s done, or there are some step by step instructions to follow below the video:


Now for the step by step instructions:

You’ve just recorded your presentme which, in this case, is 35 seconds long, and you’ve clicked ‘Stop’:

However, you’ve moved the small white bar around and realised that you’re not happy with the last 10 seconds and want to delete them. All you need to do is to move the trim bar (the blue bit at the end) back to a part you are happy with, in this case, it’s to the 25 second mark. Click on the ‘Trim’ button and Present.me will ask you if you are sure you want to delete the last section after the blue bar, to which you click OK:

At this point you can either finish your presentation there by clicking ‘End and Prieview’, or you can click ‘Record’ again and it will carry on recording from the point where you trimmed (with the 5 second count down like when you first started recording). You can keep building your recording layer by layer if you so wish, and when you’ve finished and are happy with your recording, click ‘Stop’ again, then ‘End and Preview’. Then we will join together your trimmed recordings by magic (this may require a little patience, particularly if it’s a long recording!)

Now you can review the finished presentation, change the privacy setting, add a title, description and keywords. If you click ‘Delete Recording’ your recording will be deleted and the presentation will be ready to record again. If you’re happy with the recording, click ‘Save’ and the presentation will publish. Now you can share it with whoever you want – put it on Facebook, on Twitter, LinkedIn, or just email a link to someone, the choice is yours.