Here’s a quick video of how to make your first presentme. You can also follow the instructions below:

You’ve signed up, logged in and are ready to make your first presentme. Click on the Create tab at the top of the page, and you’ll be taken to the upload page.

Make sure you have Slides & Video selected, and the Record Video option selected. Click Proceed and you can then choose your file to upload. It can be a Powerpoint file, a PDF (you can export from Keynote and Prezi to PDF) a word document or a Google doc.

Choose the file and wait for it to upload:

As soon as it’s uploaded, you’ll be taken to a new tab whilst your file converts so it works with

Once it’s converted, you’ll see a green Record button appear to the right. Conversion times can vary depending on the level of traffic, but most presentations are converted in under a minute, with some larger files taking up to 10 minutes. If you don’t want to wait, we send you an email to tell you when it’s ready.

Click Record and we load your slides into the recorder application. The first thing that happens is we ask permission to use your webcam and microphone. Click ‘Allow’, and you will see a network speed test running in the background. If your network isn’t fast enough we will let you know – you can still use, but you are more likely to lose your connection whilst recording and thus lose what you’ve recorded. If you do have a slow connection, it’s better to upgrade to a Plus account (you can take a 30 day free trial if you sign up with a new account) and then upload a prerecorded video and sync that. We will be making a tutorial to show you how to do this shortly.

Once you’ve clicked allow, you should see your webcam image in the right hand side window. If you can’t see yourself, click on the Settings button (bottom left) and you can choose your camera and microphone from the list provided (see for more details).

Say a few words just to make sure your microphone is working. You’ll see the meter on the right hand side move up and down as you talk. If there’s no movement on the meter, then click on the settings button to choose your microphone.

Now you’re ready to record!

Click the red Record button and you’ll get a 5 second countdown before we start recording. Wait until the red light appears in the status window, and you can start talking. Use the right & left arrow keys to move your slides forwards and back, alternatively, you can click on the buttons on the recorder. Pressing the space also moves the slides forwards.

When you’ve either reached the last slide, or are ready to stop, click the Stop button and you will stop recording. If you’re on the last slide, you can also click ‘Next’ and that will stop the recording too.

Now you’re ready to review & publish. Click ‘End & Review’ and you will be taken to the Publish page.

Here you can review the finished presentation, change the privacy setting, add a title, description and keywords. If you click ‘Delete Recording’ your recording will be deleted and the presentation will be ready to record again. If you’re happy with the recording, click ‘Save’ and the presentation will publish. Now you can share it with whoever you want – put it on Facebook, on Twitter, LinkedIn, or just email a link to someone, the choice is yours.