Here’s a quick video on how to share presentations:

And here are some step by step instructions:

Sharing presentmes is possible for both public and private presentations. In your account under the section ‘My Presentmes’, it will say next to each presentme whether it is private or public.

To share a private presentation, you need to click on it, and go to the share button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. It will come up with this box:

If you’ve added a password to your presentme, you will also need to send that (you can put this in the private message box under where you add the email address or addresses you are sending your presentme to).

Click send, and close that window as we know it’s been sent.

Sharing a public presentation is exactly the same principle, but you have more options with this one. You can email it as before, or you can google+ it, you can tweet it, and you can like it on facebook by clicking the three buttons above the presentme.

The other option is copying the URL at the top into your mail application so it just appears as a link in someone’s email which they can click on, and it will take them to that presentation on the website. Good luck!