Below is a video explaining how to upload and sync a video.

Now for some step by step instructions:

You should be in this page to upload:

Click on the button that says upload video (left hand side under the first picture) and choose your file from your computer, PDF, powerpoint etc. Then you need to choose your media or video file. Wait for them both to upload.

When they have converted, you want to click on ‘Sync Visually’. The blue markers below the video are the queue points, which you want to drag to where you want your queues to go.

As you drag them, they become elastic and they buffer the ones next to them and as you let go it releases the others and you can drag them independently. So move them to where you think the queue would be, then you can fine tune by using the plus and minus buttons over the slide thumbnail. Click play to check it is in the right place. Do the same for the rest of the queues.

For moving to the other queue points you can either click the arrows at the bottom, or you can actually just click on the different queue points and adjust those.

When you’re happy with the end result, click save changes, and that’s it, you’re ready to publish!